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Value Add Returns

Our Value Add Fund is carefully designed to generate exceptional returns

Invest in a portfolio thoughtfully curated for our changing economic environment. Housing assets will provide protection from downside risk and value add development opportunities will drive returns. Investors in our platform have the benefit of investing directly with sponsors, without personal guarantees. Linares Land Capital invests money in every deal, right alongside our investors. Linares Land Capital negotiates a performance fee with the sponsor. This strategy allows us to reduce the “extra layer” of fees typically seen by institutions. Disintermediating investments creates larger returns and aligns the interest of all stakeholders.

Quality Assets

Growing Market

Smart Tenant Focus

Actively managed

Assets are carefully selected for Risk-Adjusted Value Add returns  

Covid-19 has accelerated population migration and drastically shifted the housing market. 50% of our investments will be thoughtfully placed in a revenue-generating housing asset in a high growth market.

The growth of e-commerce has disrupted the real estate market, and propelled the need for space in certain industries. Our team specializes in ground up development and land lease opportunities for select Fortune 500 corporations that are flourishing in this new normal. These opportunities present the most significant return potential in the real estate market.

Why invest in real estate?  

Real Estate is a important part of a strong investment portfolio. Real Estate provides consistent cash flow, appreciation and tax incentives that cannot be found in a traditional stock and bond portfolio. Professional investment managers recommend investing at least 10% or more in real estate. Linares Land Capital makes it easy to access real estate investments and get the returns you deserve.

Residual Cashflow

Consistent cash flow returns through market cycles.

Low Stock market correlation

Hedge against market volatility and inflation by owning hard assets.

Capital Appreciation

The Value of real estate appreciates over time, driving wealth creation.

Hedge on Inflation

As inflation grows, the returns to real estate assets grow as rental income increases in parallel. Real Estate is a classic hedge against inflation.

Market Selection

Covid-19 has driven families and professionals to suburban markets outside major metropolitan areas. Our team focuses on acquiring housing assets in markets where data projects population and job growth. Markets where we are focused currently include Austin, TX, Central Florida, and Fairfield County, CT.

Our relationships with fast growing corporations steer our approach to value add development. Our discovery method allows us to explore development opportunities anywhere in the United States to satisfy our clients needs and create a stream of value add investment opportunities.